Dear colleagues,

The abstract submission deadline for ICRC2023 is approaching.

In the submission process, you can choose your preferred presentation format from 4 options:

  1. “Oral (only)”
  2. “Poster (only)”
  3. “Oral for the first choice and Poster for second”
  4. “Poster for the first choice and Oral for second”
    as shown in here.

Since the number of acceptable oral presentations is limited, many abstracts requesting oral presentations will be accepted as poster presentations. In this process, abstracts submitted as “Oral (only)” may be rejected.

To avoid this unwanted situation, please select the third option, “Oral for the first choice and Poster for second” unless “Oral (only)” is REALLY intended.

Note that the abstracts with the options “Oral (only)” and “Oral for the first choice and Poster for second” are equally reviewed.

The registered information of the abstracts already submitted can be modified through your “MyPage” on the AMARYS registration system. Please update your choice of presentation style before the deadline if necessary. If you wish to modify this information after the deadline, please inform the LOC as soon as possible.

Best regards,

Shoichi Ogio for the ICRC2023 Local Organizing Committee

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