General Information

ICRC2023 will accept a maximum of 3 abstract submissions per presenter (3 posters, or 2 posters and 1 oral). Participants with contributions must submit their abstracts (250 words at maximum) by February 20, 2023. Our International Scientific Program Committee (ISPC) will review the abstracts and acceptance notifications will be sent in early April 2023.

The conference will be in a hybrid format. We encourage on-site participation, but Zoom connections for oral presentations and a browser-based poster presentation hub, Confit, will be available for those unable to attend in Nagoya.

Presenters are required to submit 8-page proceedings papers for individual contributions prior to the conference. The papers will be published by Proceedings of Science (PoS) without peer review.

The topics covered in ICRC2023 are as follows.

  • Cosmic Ray Direct (CRD)
  • Cosmic Ray Indirect (CRI)
  • Dark Matter (DM)
  • Gamma Ray (GA)
  • Multimessenger & Gravitational Wave (MM&GW)
  • Neutrino (NU)
  • Outreach & Education (O&E)
  • Solar & Heliosphere (SH)


Registration Deadline

As we have announced several times, we have already closed the registration on June 6 after extending the deadline by one week. This is due to venue capacity and logistics.

We will reopen the registration on July 20 for online attendees only. Please check our online registration system, AMARYS.

If you have not registered in advance for on-site participation, you will not be allowed to enter the venue even if you come to Nagoya University.

Registration Fee

We have several different registration fees as tabulated below (100 JPY is about 0.76 USD or 0.71 EUR as of January 2023). Please note that the early-bird registration rate will be applied until April 22, 2023.

The local organizing committee (LOC) encourages attendees to attend the conference in-person for fruitful discussions and networking. However, if you cannot come to Nagoya, you can present your talk via Zoom or your poster on Confit.

RegularPhD StudentMaster's or Undergraduate
In Person (Early-Bird Registration) Closed
*On or Before 23:59 of April 22 (JST)
45,000 JPY25,000 JPY
In Person Closed
*On or After 0:00 of April 23 (JST)
55,000 JPY30,000 JPY
Online with Presentation Closed
*Talk by Zoom and/or poster(s) by Confit
35,000 JPY15,000 JPY
Online without Presentation
35,000 JPY15,000 JPYFree
Banquet Closed10,000 JPY

Registration System

The online registration system for ICRC2023 (AMARYS) is hosted by a travel agency, JTB. Please visit the dedicated website and follow the instructions there.

After registering, please submit your abstract(s).

Abstract Submission

The AMARYS registration system is also used for online abstract submission. Please visit the dedicated website and follow the instructions there. You must first complete the registration process before submitting your abstract(s) from the same system.

The maximum number of submissions per presenter is 3 (1 oral presentation and 2 poster presentations, or 3 poster presentations).

To submit a second or third abstract on AMARYS, please login with your ID and click the “Abstract: Add/Confirm” button in “MyPage.”

Abstract submission will be closed on February 20, 2023. Please do not miss this deadline.

The AMARYS submission page lists “1. Fill in”, “2. Confirm”, “3. Payment”, and “4. Complete” in the progress bar, and you might think that you have to pay at the same time. However, “3. Payment” is there due to a system limitation and is skipped after the confirmation page. The actual payment deadline is that of the registration fee (there is no abstract submission fee).

Proceedings Submission

We have released Guidelines for Proceedings Papers on June 13. Please read the guidelines carefully before writing your proceedings.

The proceedings papers of ICRC2023 will be published at by Proceedings of Science (PoS). The proceedings papers of the previous ICRC (ICRC2021) are available at

The upload deadline for each paper type is listed in the table below.

  Page limit
(incl. reference)
(preliminary version)
(final version)
Contributions 8 pages July 18 August 10
Highlight 16 pages N/A September 22
Review, Rapporteur 24 pages N/A September 22

Authors are required to submit a camera-ready manuscript in PDF format, printed on A4 paper only. The proceedings template is available in LaTeX (skelton.tex) and OpenDocument (PoStemplate.odt) formats and can be downloaded from this link. Collaboration authors may include a full list of collaboration authors at the end of the PDF contribution, which will not count toward the page limit.

In addition, authors of a large collaboration may submit an XML file of a full list of collaboration authors for publication in the DOI reference. The author XML file must follow the schema described at You cannot use LaTeX expressions in the XML, but non-ASCII characters such as ü and à are accepted because the format is in UTF-8. Example files are available at This XML author list is independent of the PDF version of the proceedings.

If you have any questions, please contact

Frequently Asked Questions

Please Read Here First

Q. I have a question. / I have a problem.

A. Please review the FAQs below first. If you do not find an answer to your question or cannot resolve your problem, please go to the Contact page from the menu. Please note that we have several different contact e-mail addresses to make your communiction smoother and faster.

Program and Registration

Q. When will you announce the date and time of my talk/poster?

A. We will anounce a preliminary version of program details in Mid June.

Q. Is the conference hybrid?

A. Yes, it is. Zoom connections will be provided for oral presentations and a browser-based poster presentation tool, Confit, will be prepared as well. However, on-site participation is encouraged for discussion and communication.

Q. Where can I find Zoom URL?

A. They will be announced on Confit.

Q. How will you organize the poster sessions online?

A. Poster sessions will be held onsite in the classical face-to-face style. We will NOT provide a dedicated virtual session for real-time discussions or presentations for remote-only attendees. Instead, we will use a browser-based conference system, Confit, to allow all the presenters to upload their poster PDF files for attendees to view. Confit will also provide a separate chat window for each poster so that the presenter and remote attendees can discuss the presentation throughout the conference.

Q. How many abstract submissions will be accepted per person?

A. Three abstracts (3 posters, or 2 posters and 1 oral) will be accepted for each presenter (co-authorship will not be counted). To submit a second or third abstract on AMARYS, please login with your ID and click the "Abstract: Add/Confirm" button in "MyPage."

Q. I cannot enter an abstract title with more than 100 characters. Do I have to stay with this limit?

A. The system has been updated with a 250 character limit. Please try again.

Q. Do you have an on-site poster printing service?

A. No, we do not. Please print your posters in advance before leaving for Japan.


Q. Do I have to pay the registration fee before receiving the notification of abstract acceptance?

A. No, you don't have to. The payment deadline for early registration is April 22. Acceptance notifications will be sent to registrants in early April.

Q. Do I have to pay the registration fee when I submit an abstract?

A. No, you don't have to. You will see "3. Payment" in the progress bar on the abstract submission page, but it is there due to a system limitation, and it will be automatically skipped after the "2. Confirm" process. Since there is no abstract submission fee, the payment deadline is that of the registration fee.

Q. Can I pay the registration fee by bank transfer?

A. Yes, we accept it. Please contact the JTB support desk at .

Q. Do you have financial support?

A. Yes, we do. You can apply for it in the AMARYS registration form. Since the amount we will provide is limited, priority will be given to young participants from developing countries. The local organizing committee will contact you later to hear your application details.

Q. Can you issue an invoice and/or receipt?

A. You can download them from your AMARYS "My Page" before the payment. Please log in , go to "My Page", and click the "WEB Invoice Receipt" button.

Q. Can you issue an invoice and/or receipt addressed to my university?

A. Yes, you can. Please enter your university name in the text field above the "Issue" button before clicking it.


Q. I need an invitation letter from the LOC for a visa application. Will you write it for me?

A. Yes, we will. But please first contact the JTB support desk at .


Q. I created my login ID and auto-generted strong password with Safari when registering on AMARYS. However, the login ID and password are not automatically filled in the text fields when tyring to login again. A new password is alwasy suggested instead. Where is my saved password without which I cannnot login?

A. The AMARYS HTML behavior is a bit strange. Please click or tap the suggested password and choose "Other Options..." > "Choose My Own Password". You will be able to choose the saved password. If you cannot select you saved password even with this process, please try the following steps. If you use a Mac, please open Keychain in /Applications/Utilities. Find an entry starting with "" and open it to show your ID and password. If you use an iPhone, please go to Settings > Passwords and find "". You can copy and paste them on the AMARYS login page. You may have to click and choose "Edit Strong Password" when editing the password text field.


Q. I am a presenter of a poster contribution. Do I have to write a proceedings paper? Is it only for oral presentations?

A. Both oral and poster presenters are required to submit proceedings papers.

Q. I get an "Undefined control sequence" error when using the "\forColl{}" command.

A. Please download the version 2 template which uses "\onbehalf" instead of "\forColl{}".


Q. Is there a dress code for the banquet?

A. No, there is not. T-shirts and shorts (physicist style) are acceptable.

Q. How will be the COVID-19 situation and protection measures during the conference?

A. The Japanese government is reportedly reviewing the level of infection control measures against COVID-19 in Japan, which will be less stringent in May 2023. In line with this, immigration control (e.g., PCR certificates) and domestic infection prevention efforts are expected to be eased. Please continue to pay attention to information from the Japanese government and check our latest guide in the Travel > COVID-19 menu before traveling.

Q. Will you provide on-site childcare for accompanying children?

A. Unfortunately, no, we won't. Because we could not find a suitable service that offers on-site multilingual support for children from different countries and backgrounds. For those who speak Japanese, we can refer you to an on-site service. Please contact us at
For non-Japanese speakers, we recommend to use the child care service by Poppoins Family Care Inc., which sends a nanny to your hotel to care of children from 6 months to 18 years of age. Advance reservation by the end of June is highly recommended. For further information please visit their website or the flyer. You can contact them from the inquiry form.