Guidelines for Authors Submitting Proceedings Papers

  • Authors (both oral and poster presentations) are required to submit a manuscript only in PDF format in A4 size.
  • The manuscript must be prepared using the PoS template in LaTeX (skelton.tex) or OpenDocument (PoStemplate.odt) only. They are available in the following file.
    The differences between template versions 2 and 3 are only:
    • The contact e-mail address of the ICRC2021 LOC has been removed in skelton.tex
    • “Presenter” in the footnote of PoStemplate_coll.odt has been replaced with “Speaker.”
  • The logos and copyright must be displayed correctly on the cover page.
  • We recommend that the presenter at the conference be marked as “*Speaker” in the author list of the contribution.
  • The authors’ information (names, affiliations, e-mail addresses) should be accurately described in the contribution. However, the authors are allowed to submit the contribution without including their affiliation if there are any special circumstances.
  • Collaboration authors may include a full list of collaboration authors at the end of the PDF contribution, which does not count against the page limit.
  • You may submit an XML file of a full author list of your collaboration for publication in a DOI reference. The format is defined in the schema described at
  • The number of pages in the proceedings must not exceed the specified limit shown in the table below.
  • Authors are requested to submit preliminary versions of their contributions by July 18 (for the final versions by August 10). Author of the highlight, review, and rapporteur talks are requested to submit their contributions by September 22.
  • We recommend considering the color universal design for the figures in the proceedings. For the details please read the next section and follow the link.
  • Please note that contributions with incomplete registration will not be accepted.
  • Please contact if you have any questions.
  Page limit
(incl. reference)
(preliminary version)
(final version)
Contributions 8 pages July 18 August 10
Highlight 16 pages N/A September 22
Review, Rapporteur 24 pages N/A September 22

Color Universal Design

As part of our diversity activities at ICRC2023, we are also making a new effort to remind the participants of the concept of Color Universal Design before you start making figures. We encourage you to visit our Color Universal Design guide and make figures that take into account color vision diversity.