Onsite Poster Presentations

  • We recommend that paper-based posters be made in A0 portrait format (width 841 mm × height 1189 mm).
  • The display board size for each poster is 900 mm (width) × 2100 mm (height).
  • Pushpins, double-sided tapes, and hooks for sticking or hanging your posters will be available at the venue.
  • We do not provide on-site printing services.
  • Posters can be displayed during the following periods:
    • From: 8:30 on the day the session begins
    • Until: 14:45 on the day the session ends
  • Posters left at the venue after those periods will be removed by LOC.
  • We also request to upload electronic files to Confit for on-site posters. For more information, see the Online Poster Presentations section below.

Online Poster Presentations

  • We recommend that the aspect ratio of the poster be the same as the A0 portrait size (width:height = 1:√2) for consistency with on-site posters.
  • Please prepare your poster file in the PDF format and keep the file size under 5 MB. You can try a free online tool by Adobe to compress your PDF.
  • Please upload your poster file to a dedicated web system, called Confit,
    • (for online presentation only) at least 60 hours before the start of the poster session (July 24, 21:00 JST).
    • (with on-site presentation) at least 24 hours before the poster session that you will be presenting onsite
  • We request to upload the same content in JPEG or PNG format as well. This file will be used as an un-downloadable thumbnail image for your poster on Confit (e-Poster). Please keep the file size under 5 MB.
  • The upload method will be announced to authors by E-mail.
  • The online posters will be displayed at the conference venue as slideshows on 43-inch digital signage systems.

Color Universal Design

As part of our diversity activities at ICRC2023, we are also making a new effort to remind the participants of the concept of Color Universal Design before you start making figures. We encourage you to visit our Color Universal Design guide and make figures that take into account color vision diversity.